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Michigan Petroleum Association Political Action Committee 

MPAPAC Protects Your Interests

Legislation affects all members of the Michigan Petroleum Association and Michigan Association of Convenience Stores (MPA/MACS).  Whether you’re a marketer, or own a service station, convenience store, truck stop, or a propane retailer or an associate member, you will be impacted by legislation.

The Michigan Petroleum Association Political Action Committee, MPAPAC, is the voice for all MPA/MACS members at the state capitol.  It is also the vital link between you and your legislator.

Does My Contribution Have an Impact?

All the dollars raised are pooled together in a “political mutual fund” from all MPA/MACS investors.  Your well-earned dollars have a lot more political punch and reach more candidates than just on personal contribution.  Candidates positions are studied before contributions are made.

Every dollar of MPAPAC contributions is spent on candidates campaigns.  No money is used for salaries or administrative expenses.

NO Corporate Funds Allowed by State Law


State law requires that all political action committee contributions be made by personal check or credit card only.

Please, no corporate checks or credit cards.

Your Contribution Matters


To ensure that the voice of the petroleum
marketing and retail industry is heard we
need your support.


MPAPAC cannot accomplish its

goals without the support of

ALL MPA/MACS members.


Gold Level: $7,500 per company

(100+ millions gallon company)

Blue Level: $5,000 per company

(50-100 million gallon company)

White Level: $2,500 per company

(20-50 million gallon company)
Red Level: $1,000 per company

(1-20 million gallon company)


* Club levels are based on a combined total of all contributions received from a Member company.

* All contributors will be listed in the Marketer Magazine.

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