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MPA/MACS Membership

What Has MPA/MACS Done For You Lately?

MPA Impact   Wholesaler
MPA Impact  Retailer

The Active Marketer Member category was designed especially for wholesale distributors of petroleum products.

The Retail Member category was designed especially for companies that operate retail convenience stores, truckstops, service stations or retail/wholesale propane products. Retail members may not be directly operated or owned by wholesale petroleum marketers.

The Associate Member category was designed especially for companies that supply equipment, products or services to petroleum and petroleum retailing industries.

The Ambassador Member category is a membership for individuals.  To qualify as a Ambassador Member, you must be retired or no longer in the business of petroleum marketing.

The Major Oil Member category is for those Associate Members who are refiners that supply petroleum products to either Active Members or any individuals or entities that would qualify as an Active Member of the Association.

The Oil Change Retail Member (MOCA) category was designed especially for companies to enhancing the business education of fast lube owners, educating the public about the benefits of preventive automotive maintenance and maintaining a favorable business environment for the industry.

Member Publications

Advertising Rate Brochure

MPA/MACS Marketer - This quarterly magazine provides members with timely regulatory and technical information, details on coming events, feature articles and industry advertising.

MPA/MACS Newsletter - The monthly newsletter keeps members abreast of state and national issues that may affect their business, provides updates on legislative/regulatory actions, gives statistical information and includes classified advertising.

MPA/MACS Facts Update - Special emails go out to members to keep them informed of any "fast breaking" issues.  The special emails cover the legislative front, state and federal regulations and other activities within the petroleum wholesale/retail industry.

MPA/MACS Marketing Directory - Published in the Spring/Directory of the Marketer every May.  The Directory includes a listing of all MPA/MACS members.  Michigan's Congressional delegation, members of the State Legislature, industry associations and industry data are also included in the Directory.

MPAMACs Advertising Rate Brochure Cover 2024
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