Michigan Petroleum Association/ 

Michigan Association of Convenience Stores.  

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Lansing, MI 48917


7521 Westshire Drive, Suite 200

Lansing, MI 48917
Phone: (517) 622-3530
Fax: (517) 622-3420​

Mark Griffin (President) ext. 214

Email: griffin@mpamacs.org

Robert Cleary (Vice President) ext. 213
Email:​ rfcleary@mpamacs.org

Kelli Gustin (Event Manager)ext. 210
Email: klgustin@mpamacs.org

Deanna Schultz (Accounting) ext. 211

Email: deschultz@mpamacs.org

MPA/MACS Officers:


Dennis P. McCarthy
Blarney Castle Oil


Vice Chairman:

Abby Moniz

Forward Corporation


Bruce Litchford

Lenawee Fuels

Brad Van Manen
Van Manen Petroleum Group

MPA/MACS Board of Directors:

George Abdoo - S. Abraham & Sons
Shane Applebee - Applebee Oil & Propane

Guy Arrans - PriMar Petroleum
Randy Avery - Avery Oil & Propane
Bob Barrick - Barrick Enterprises

Greg Barrick - Barrick Enterprises
Nancy Beckwith - Blodgett Oil
Ron Bewersdorff - Lansing Ice & Fuel
Ross Blodgett - Blodgett Oil
Pete Bosanic - PM Environmental
Tyler Brown – Super-Flite Oil
David Coyne - Coyne Oil Corporation

John Dimmick - Walters-Dimmick Petroleum
John Foster - Foster Blue Water Oil
Larry Galgoci - Galgoci Oil

Ken Heers - Lenawee Fuels

Bob Hohn - Paxson Oil

Jerry Hop - J & H Oil
Craig Hoppen - J & H Oil

Loren Hoppen - J & H Oil
Steve Johnson - Johnson Oil
Linda Klein
- H.T. Hackney

Kelly Lappinga - Holland Terminal

Bruce Larson - Oscar W. Larson
Jim Linton - Folk Oil

Craig Marzke - PriMar Petroleum

Kurt Marzke - PriMar Petroleum

Bill McCarthy - Blarney Castle Oil
Brian McCarthy - Blarney Castle Oil

Dennis B. McCarthy - Blarney Castle Oil
Terry McTaggart - Forward Corporation
Andy Mercer - R.W. Mercer
Brian Mifsud - Michigan Fuels, Inc

Scott Miller - UHY LLP
Jim O'Connor - Hirschman Oil Supply
Dan Pohl - Pohl Oil

Chris Roeser - Marathon Flint Oil

Bill Saad - Michigan Fuels

Jim Safiedine - Safiedine Oil

Paul Schmuckal - Schmuckal Oil

Steve Schweihofer - Foster Blue Water Oil
David Wakeland - Wakeland Oil
Jerry Westgate - WESCO, Inc

7521 Westshire Drive, Suite 200